How DO we work? First we set goals you would like to achieve, then we find how reach them


We are a small group of hard-working, experienced and enthusiastic people.

We are here because we love what we do and we are dedicated to our passions and each other.
Over the years, we have been running the biggest Polish e-business in practice, so we are sure that we have something valuable that we can bring to your business.

We believe in the power of integration of best practices – also these that are being developed by the user communities – because there is nothing better for a programmer than working over a project that engages hundreds or thousands of talented programmers around the world.


Writing lines of code gives us pleasure – but only when it is necessary.
We do not offer unnecessary things – only effective and useful solutions, tailored
to your expectations.

We communicate frequently and we communicate clearly. You do not need to know the rules of e-business, this is our land. We will also patiently answer all your questions. Because when you choose our services, you become a part of our Team! When we start a project for you, we give you an access to the powerful and easy to use collaboration tools, that we use on daily basis. You will see and track the progress of our work hour by hour!