2LM Sp. Z o.o is the official distributor of CS-Cart e-commerce software.


CS-Cart is the best shopping cart solution for building an ecommerce website of any size: from a small web store to a shopping mall.
System has a support for many payment and shipping options, full inventory control, unlimited products, promotional tools, and other ecommerce software features out-of-the-box.

You can choose from two versions of CS -Cart



Standard version of the software, which allows you to sell online using one or more storefronts.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

Special version of CS -Cart that allows you to create a trading platform for many independent retailers , who can manage the sales of its products in the common store.

CS-Cart follows a modular architecture philosophy: there is a core part, which is responsible for the basic functionality, and numerous add-ons that extend it. It is a system written in PHP and distributed in open source model , which gives developers the ability to expand , modify system functionality and integration with other systems.

Key features of CS – Cart


  • extensive administration panel with an ordered structure, easy menu and a multitude of functions
  • many storefronts managed from one administrative panel
  • easy integration with external systems ( accounting, tracking, price comparison sites, online payment systems, CRM) through installable add-ons
  • full import / export of products, users , orders, and language translation in CSV format
  • management of multiple languages, both on the front-end and back-end – in standard available Polish language and 7 other languages of the store
  • multiple currencies
  • location function allows you to restrict sales to specific cities, states, zip codes etc.
  • advanced customer service surveys
  • CMS systen fully managed from the admin panel, allows you to publish any content in the pages of webshop


  • you can define any number of categories and subcategories
  • unlimited number of products along with the ability to assign them to multiple categories
  • ability to integrate with programs supporting inventory through the mechanism of the API
  • inventory management – information ” low in stock ” product inventory for individual options and combination of products
  • editing of page titles and meta tags ( keywords , description ) at each level of the tree categories and for individual products
  • ability to assign options to products and setting attributes for different types of products
  • advanced filtering products (create your own filters for each category of products in the shop)
  • possibility of assigning different prices level for different customer’s groups
  • adding a short and long description using one of several available WYSIWYG editors
  • add any number of images of produkct in the form of automatically created gallery
  • automatic thumbnail creation
  • adding watermarks on the images
  • adding attachments to the product (eg. manual, technical specifications, drivers, etc. )
  • custom settings for shipping costs depending on the weight of the product or type of product
  • advanced and simple search system ( system automatically displays a tooltip with a photo of the product when typing the phrase )
  • ability to review products by customers (publication review fully managed via the administration panel )


  • orders management via administration panel
  • full history, statistics, and reports of orders
  • download full information of orders through an API
  • fully customizable payment and delivery methods
  • prints of order confirmations , invoices , waybills
  • extensive search of orders – search by order number, date, customer, shipping method, payment method, product ,order status, order value
  • definition of status of the contract relating to the information sent to the client
  • notification of new orders by e-mail
  • automatic processing of returns and complaints (RMA)
  • one click order function


  • free delivery option (for an amount of order, for product or as a configurable promotion )
  • automatic information to the customer about the waybill number
  • available forms of payment: bank transfer, COD, credit card
  • integration with online payment systems (eg. DotPay, Allegro, PayPal, Skrill )
  • integration shipments with couriers: UPS, DHL, FedEx ( online calculation of shipping costs)
  • different delivery methods: post, courier, personal collection, personal transport
  • delivery costs depend on the weight of the products, the value of the order, the quantities of products or the place of delivery


  • customer reports by the amount and the sum of the orders
  • overview of the current contents of the customers baskets
  • full activity logs of customers in the store
  • full sales reports
  • integration with Google Analitics and Google Merchant Center


  • search engines friendly URLs
  • newsletters, customer surveys
  • easy to use banners management system
  • cross-selling modules
  • sets of two or more products
  • adding products labels ( News , Promotion, Sale)
  • list of recently viewed products
  • comparison of selected products
  • my wishlist option
  • quantity discounts for the products ( percentage or value )
  • advanced module of promotion that allows you to define any discounts or coupons – for product, order, customer group, with a number of configurable criteria
  • automatically generated site map
  • sitemap for Google